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Harold Steves

Richmond Councillor

Harold Steves has served on Richmond City Council continuously since 1977, and served a previous term as alderman from 1968-1973. From 1973-1975 he served one term as an M.L.A. in the Provincial Legislature, and is one of the founders of the Agricultural Land Reserve.

A former Richmond school teacher, Harold operates the family farm in Steveston with his wife Kathy, raising pure bred Belted Galloway cattle. Harold also assists his son Jerry operate a ranch in Cache Creek, B.C. Descended from a pioneer Richmond farming family, he is very active in community life in the Steveston area, and is particularly interested in the preservation of farmland, heritage preservation, and environmental issues. Harold represents Richmond as second Director on the Board of Directors of Metro Vancouver and is Vice chair of the Metro Vancouver Planning and Agriculture Committee.

Harold is Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Committee of Council. He is also a member of the Finance; General Purposes; Planning and the Public Works & Transportation Committees. Harold is a Council representative to the following advisory committees, organizations and community associations: the Agricultural Advisory Committee;  the Steveston Harbour Authority Board; the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society; and the South Coast Director of the BC Ground Fish Development Authority.


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Jack Trovato

Richmond School Trustee

As a public school educator in Burnaby, Jack is well acquainted with the various issues facing public education. Moreover, Jack believes it's his civic duty to draw upon his personal and professional experience to contribute to the educational community in Richmond, as a genuine way of giving back to the community, which he has called home for over 25 years.

Jack is dedicated to advocating on behalf of a first rate, high quality, well funded, public education system as the cornerstone of a pluralistic, egalitarian, democratic society. He is committed to educational policy and actions that allow students, teachers, parents, concerned citizens, and communities to work together to meet the needs of all learners in our public school system.

Jack holds a B.A., B.Ed., and an M.Ed. He has been honoured with several academic and professional accolades, and is the 2002/2003 national recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

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The Richmond Citizens Association is an assembly of interested and concerned citizens who are politically active in the social democracy movement and the New Democratic Party.

Not all of our activists, supporters, and volunteers are NDP members but we welcome like-minded individuals who support our social democratic views. 

We volunteer our time and resources to help out with all the elections, from civic to federal, in all the Richmond ridings. In doing so we hope to help stem the tide of right wing conservatism that is currently plaguing our country.

In short, we care deeply about what Canada is all about at all levels of government. Mean, nasty, secretive and controlling governments are not what we stand for.

That some elements of right-wing Conservatism are growing at the civic level deeply concerns us.

Destroying our delicate social balance with vicious cuts to our social support systems, cutting environmentally sustainable programs, and the other negatives that the Harper Conservatives are all about, is something we must oppose.

Richmond is a fast growing community that contains many of the elements of a positive society with a level of cultural harmony that is a model for the world. Let's keep it that way!

See you all in 2015 for the federal election. 

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